Laid out

As i was walking out of a party tonight I witness a man punching a women in the face.

I laid that fucking asshole out.

I’ll probably have some bruises on my knuckles but it was worth it.

A man never raises his hand to a women in violence, if I see it i will end you. 

That is my duty as a man.

That is your duty as a man too.

We are men. 

We do what we must.



Your princess is in another castle.

I think differently. 

I equate experiences with action in my head. For example sometimes when I have sex I think of it as if I was boxing. 

Sex is a battle, you’re both trying to out last and impress the other. You know one of you is going to go down first but you want to make sure you at least can prove yourself as a contender first. You pull out all your fanciest moves and hold nothing back. You give it your all and hope you impress. 

Thats not something I create later. Thats my train of though while in the act. 

Sometimes when I’m at a party or an EDM show I think I’m in a jungle, and I tailor my movements and actions as if I actually were. 

Its strange but thats how I think. 

When I think about my life, I have a tendency to think of it as if it were some grand quest. I dodge arrows and save princesses, but I never stop moving forward. I’m searching for something, hunting for the grail, but I have no idea where it is or how to find it.

I want a girlfriend, I really do. Its just really hard for me to find a girl I know I could stay with. I know the quest will always call me back, but I wish it didn’t. 

Right now I’m thinking about it in terms of wanting to be dragged down to the bottom of the ocean by chains. 

Its scary, but its also comforting in a way. 

I just keep questing, moving from castle to castle, each new place is a new land to explore, each girl’s bed I sleep in is an Inn to stay in for the night. But it’s sadly never where I can stay for long. 

I see glimpses, girls I think I can be with and be happy with. But they never stay, usually I can never even get close to them, let alone their beds. Its like some mystical hand intervenes and says;

I’m sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle. 



P.S. If you guys read my blog I’d love if you just drop a comment. I wanna hear from the people that read me. Do you like sex stories, personal stories, a mix of both? What do you wanna know. I got tons of stories and lots of thoughts. Thanks! 



Ow, my ass.

I hooked up with the cane girl from before again tonight.
She decided that recently she’d been to nice to my and that I needed to be punished for once.
Sometime about the blind curiosity in me allows for me to go along with these things.
She stripped my naked and made me lay down on the bed with my hands on the head board.
Next thing I know this girl is whipping my ass with a loop of iPod cable. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Five whacks. Also my eyes had to be closed the entire time.
Then she asks if I have a condom. I turn my head to tell her about the one in my coat when all of a sudden she’s grabbing my face scolding me for opening my eyes.
Oh lord how do I get myself into this?
Five more lashes for looking.
My ass is so red and marked up right now.

How to end the weekend

I have class tomorrow at 10.

Its 3:39 AM. 

I’m awake, I’m horny and I’m alone. 

I just got back from a rave/EDM show. It was awesome. Never heard of the DJ’s but I don’t really care about whose playing 9/10th of the times anyway. Spend the night dancing and hooking up with this cute blond girl.

The problem is, she’s from Maryland. 

Or so she says.

Thats the problem with shows like that. You can go, meet someone, form a really close connection with them and then find out that they’re actually a high school kid from another state. Or maybe they just so happen to go to your school and are DOWN to CLOWN. 

Ya never know.

You roll the dice. 

Pull the trigger. 

Buy the ticket, take the ride. 


Lets see what happens is my motto.

Kiss me before I cum

I have never had a girl hesitate to kiss me after I went down on her. Actually I’ve literally had girls be pressing my face into them and then yank me up by my hair to make out with me. 

Never been an issue on that end.

The other way around however isn’t quite the same.

For the majority of men at least. Me? I don’t have a problem kissing a girl while she’s blowing me. Its kinda fun to switch around and play and fumble with foreplay.

Once I cum thats a different story though. I don’t think its rude to offer a drink of water or alcohol before we lock lips again. Usually they’re grateful for that. 

But as for pre-cum making out, I’ve surprised multiple girls by pulling them up to make out. Several times I’ve gotten the wide-eyed, “Did I do something wrong?” or “Are you ok?”. I guess college girls are conditioned at this point that once a blow job starts it either keeps going till it ends or turns into fucking. 

Where is the fun in ending things so quickly? 

Damn it! Kiss me before I cum!